Netball New Zealand (NNZ) is pleased to appoint Pam Clayton, of Tauranga, to the new role of Convenor of Selectors for Umpires.

The new role was set up to ensure efficient and effective selection processes for national umpire squads and the identification of new talent and monitoring of all umpires in these groups.

Clayton will lead the process for umpires with the most potential coming through the recognised NNZ pathways, extensively monitoring their performances and leading the process for those who are selected into national squads.

Once in national squads the selected umpires will be closely tracked to enable effective programmes to be provided and ensure the umpires’ success.

Clayton has extensive experience as an umpire, umpire coach and selector across Netball including men’s and mixed Netball and Oceania programmes. She has also been a member of the New Zealand Umpire Development Group for many years.

Clayton says the calibre of umpires coming through the pathways are among the best in the world with quality umpire coaches there to support them.

“We currently have umpire coaches with outstanding national and international experience as well as a strong base within the Zone system working tirelessly to support our umpires,” she said.

“I see this new role primarily as a communication link between NNZ, the coaching teams and the umpires they work with. 

“It is critical that we provide challenging and smart development opportunities that produces umpires with the key competencies to succeed in today’s game both nationally and internationally,” Clayton said.    

When selecting umpires Clayton says there are four key areas selectors look for.

“An elite or aspiring umpire will constantly be striving for excellence in all of these areas; game management, technical, physical and Hauora are the four pillars of our game,” she said.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to continue to the great work currently being undertaken by NNZ to support the developmental pathway that provides open and robust opportunities for umpires in New Zealand.”


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