The Waikato Bay of Plenty Under 23 trials were held on 4 and 5 May 2013 at ASB Arena, Tauranga. From the initial 31 trialists (excluding the Magic players) a squad of 26 was named for a third trial that was held on 12 May 2013.


We are delighted to name the Under 23 Gold Team:

Player  Position Centre/Zone Affiliation
Ellie Bird GS/GA Hastings – Hawkes Bay (released by zone 3)
Ariana Cable-Dixon C/WD Hamilton City
Katherine Coffin GD/WD Hamilton City
Kendra Falefitu GS/GA Harbourside/WBoP Magic
Simmon Howe WA/C Hamilton City
Linda Kells GD/GK Hamilton City
Brooke Leaver GA/GS Hamilton City
Nadia Loveday C/WA Pukekohe/WBoP Magic
Erana Mikaere GK/GD Harbourside/WBoP Magic
Jamie Lee Price GD/WD Auckland/WBoP Magic
Samantha Sinclair C/WD Rotorua
Harley Smith GA/GS Whakatane

We wish the players, Mary-Jane Araroa, Rebecca Greenhalgh and their support staff all the very best for the 2013 inaugural Under 23 campaign.


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